Project (Tepic)

Ambassadors will create their own unique project description in their blogs. Below is my personal project that is still in the works

I’m coordinating Ambassadors and preparing places and activities for students and others who want to follow me to Tepic, Nayarit Mexico; however, Ambassadors can choose any other destination. There are photos and videos throughout this blog site of some of the great people and places you’ll encounter in Tepic. I’ll be using my own ongoing project as models for Ambassador students’ blogs. All posts following this one are about my own project, getting individuals, teams and families to learn and serve in Tepic. ~ Bernie

As Project Tepic grows, so will this blog website, modeling how  individual ambassadors can share, and thus multiply, their own unique service-learning experiences by connecting with  their “home team.”  Please be a part of Service Synergy’s AmbaSS “home team” by “following” this blog and spreading the word about this opportunity. Please comment and suggest on any page.

Meanwhile, I will be refining this site and adjusting to the new, stiffer, WordPress “editor.”

What are your thoughts on this?

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