Our Team

On this page, Ambassadors can highlight their team members and how they contribute to the Ambassador’s project. Teams are made of parents, teachers, friends, and community members from home and abroad. The Ambassador is not going alone, nor travelling simply for personal adventure. He/she is a bridge between cultures serving both communities, at home and abroad.

My project involved talking with lots of people at home who highly value living abroad with people of another culture. Here are some of their video thoughts to help Ambassadors with their “Why live abroad?”

I also worked with Tepic teammates about what would work for the University in Tepic and students wanting formal Spanish classes.

Some of my Tepic partners helped to set up a 4 week summer program for learning Spanish as a foreigner, complete with classes, cultural day-trips, home stays and 50+hours of academic credit from the Autonomous University of Nayarit, UAN. That can still happen.

  • Service Synergy, www.ServiceSynergy.org
  • UAN~ Yun Sang Cheol (Victor), Director of International Affairs (CAI) and professor of Korean Studies
  • PREX, Programa de Español para Extranjeros, Yegaíl Montiel, lead for  PREX

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