A door I didn’t know existed…

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Starting from the left, Yun Sang Cheol (Victor) Director of International Affairs; going around the table clockwise to me; then to Jessica Navarro, Planning and Quality; Mónica C. Cabrera Madero, Co-Head of English Language and Culture;Yegaíl Montiel, in charge of PREX; and Itztli, Administration for PREX.


Yegaíl, myself, and Victor pose for a photo-op. Yegaíl had just given me a tour of the Languages Department building, which they affectionately call “el Caracol,” the Shell, because of its shape.

img_5309A door I didn’t know existed has launched Ambassador Service Study.

On December 14, at a long-awaited meeting in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico, I sat down with five people at the State University in Nayarit, Universidad Autónomo de Nayarit, UAN, planning to talk about the Fulbright-Hays Group Project Abroad grant I want to write to bring a group of educators to Tepic to work on creating more accessible and flexible study abroad venues for secondary and college students.

My Tepic colleagues presented their idea of what they wanted to offer– their 4-week, Spanish for Foreigners program in the summer, PREX (PRograma de Español para EXtranjeros) complete with cultural outings. What an opportunity for both grant participant educators and for college and high school students! I don’t have to reinvent the wheel for either group; furthermore, this wonderful UAN team is very flexible, willing to adapt their program to our needs. I’ve made their PREX program the core of a complete Spanish Immersion Experience that I’m designing for June 30 – August 7. Once that is established, there may still be time to write that grant with my partners.

The Director of International Affairs for UAN, Yung Sang Cheol (Victor), is also interested in Professional Development for their language teachers by US educators, which could fit well with  grant participants’ projects.

What are your thoughts on this?

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