My Project Outline

Ambassadors will research what they want to do to serve, choosing a project that is native to the place they are going. They will build a team at home to encourage and engage in learning with with him/her before, during and after their travel. In addition they will design independent studies that serve their academic goals.

Among the Ambassador’s teammates will be: 1) PARENTS who will pay for travel and living expenses, buy travel insurance, vet the destination, the homestay hosts, and project; 2) TEACHERS who will agree to award academic credit for completion of the alternative, independent studies designed 3) COMMUN ITY members who will host community presentations; 4) FRIENDS, of course. Below is my own project outline. (Some of it has already been accomplished.)

The structure of  my Dec.-Feb. Project in Tepic is in the outline below. My work was to set up “Summer Spanish Immersion 2019.” The big-picture goal of the setup work in Tepic is that students can replicate the process wherever they want to go to learn, serve, and become global citizens.  The underlying heart of my project is best described in this video of me reading the Caldecott Prize winner, What Do You Do With an Idea?  I read it in my Oregon Living room, which is where most of my library is.  Ambassador Service Study is my idea that won’t let go of me.

  • Meet with UAN coordinators to find and create common goals and possibilities. (See blog post)
  • Build the Ambassador Service Study TEAM
    • Educators, School Administrators, ambassadors, their families and community participants at home and abroad  
    • Identify student ambassadors
    • Build this website
      • add material
      • publish teammate names and pictures with info
  • Write, polish and revise the “Summer Spanish Immersion” program for 2019, in collaboration with colleagues in Tepic and in Southern Oregon. 
    • Develop syllabus, curriculum, application, recommendation, homestay, and other documents
  • Identify & meet with community member teammates in Tepic
    • who could provide homestays for ambassador students
    • who want to be language partners for students
    • who could enhance the abroad experience in various ways
  • Write the Fulbright-Hays GPA grant
  • Identify service venues in Tepic
  • make Casa Grace fully hospitable
  • Set up the English Conversation Club Co-op, designed to bring English speakers together with English learners in a library-cafe. (A great service project for ambassadors)


What are your thoughts on this?

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