Fun, Adventure, Connection!

To learn more about Summer Spanish Immersion 2019, browse this blog and website. Be sure to check out the “People” videos for the kind of  FUN you’ll encounter. To multiply your fun and ADVENTURE, learn or improve your Spanish for college credit; the formal language learning of Summer Spanish Immersion 2019 is explained on the UAN-PREX page, which has a video of the campus and presentation documents in both Spanish and English about the PREX (Spanish for Foreigners) program. Learn about the State of Nayarit on the “Places” page. PREX provides 4 day trips around Nayarit with their program. All of this is good, but it’s the CONNECTIONS you make that you will enjoy the most. The people of Nayarit are buena gente. They will enjoy you, too, and will be patient with your growing Spanish acquisition.

Did we mention BEACHES? they are only 20 minutes away. Tepic is off the beaten tourist track, but a major city, capital of Nayarit, whose natural attractions abound. Grab a new friend (who doesn’t speak English) to GO and ADVENTURE with! Learning language with friends is FUN. There are homestay hosts, Airbnb’s, hostels, language partners, and service opportunities alongside native speakers all set up for you. Did we mention good RESTAURANTS?

Please check out and SHARE the flyer, (lower right), the syllabus, and this page with some friends. The syllabus offers outlines of other credit-earning opportunities you can set up with your institution. Or just explore the place and culture for exploring’s sake. Bernie has been visiting Tepic for 24 years and has many friends and places there to share with you. She is an Oregon and California licensed educator passionate about students, teachers, families, and their communities gaining the perspectives that only experience abroad and another language can give.

Please ask questions and make comments below so we build a super relevant FAQ page.


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