Language, People, Places

Here a Team will find multi-media ways to join their ambassador’s learning and service adventure. You’ll find Ambassador-made videos that share conversations, interviews, tours, experiences, and importantly, friends abroad. These pages will be one of the ways to serve the communioty at home, teaching that “whole village” as she/he learns. The Ambassador will have a list of videos with a short description here, under a link to the page where they are found.


What is the most “Nayarit” word? a man on the street interview asking this question of  variety of local people- all in Spanish


Luis Sells his Family’s Bolillos, a conversation with an English-Spanish transcript

Carlos Villa, bird lover, volunteer and Ecology teacher at Casa de Niños, This man is an avid birder and photographer whose Facebook posts really give you an idea of the ecology of Nayarit.

Yegaíl shows us the Foreign languages building at UAN, for those who want formal Spanish classes for foreigners in Tepic, this is where they will be. The classes earn academic credit at university level.


Nayarit, This video montage of many places in the state of Nayarit, which is about as big and diverse as Oregon, will give you a clue about how much you can see and enjoy round about Tepic.

What are your thoughts on this?

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